Zhaohui Soo



Martial Arts






Shred the False Veil
If you damage an opponent disguised
by magic or sorcery, it reverts to its true
form. If you down a transformed animal foe,
it reverts to its animal form. If you down
a supernatural creature, it is immediately
banished to the spirit realm and can never
return to the present juncture."

Slow the Tiger
After a successful Martial Arts
attack, spend 1 Chi and 1 shot. The
target of the attack adds 1 to the shot
cost of all actions with a
cost of 1 or more until the
end of the next keyframe.

Chop the Willow
After a successful Martial
Arts attack against a foe with
Impairment 1 or less, spend 2 Chi and 1
shot. The target of the attack
gains 1 Impairment until next

Balance Bringer
Add +2 Martial Arts and +2
Toughness vs. foes with Sorcery or
Creature Powers attacks.

Stave off Monkey
Interrupt and pay 5 shots when an
opponent makes a successful
attack against you; the opponent’s
attack fails.

Blunt the Crane’s Beak
When an opponent makes a
successful attack against one of
your nearby allies, interrupt and
spend 1 shot to reduce attack’s
Damage Value by 5.

Prodigious Leap
Spend 1 shot to make a horizontal,
vertical, or diagonal leap of up to
14 m. Also costs 1 Chi, if your current
Chi is less than 2. If you have two or
more other shticks in the
Welcoming Sky path, leap increases to 28 m.


Zhaohui Soo was found as a baby afloat in the Songhua River. Discovered and eventually adopted by a local fisherman and his husband, the circumstances of her birth were never discovered. Despite a happy upbringing, her childhood was plagued by disjointed premonitions that she couldn’t control or understand. At the age of fifteen, she disappeared from her home as mysteriously as she had appeared, trekking into the wilderness to train as a monk and hone her senses in order to more clearly receive and understand the meaning of her visions. Throughout the following decade, she lived off the land deep in the forest, training herself in survival skills and fighting while exploring her spiritual potential. Within the last two years, Zhaohui has moved back towards civilization, staying on the outskirts. Though little is known about her personally, the townsfolk have come to trust her and rely on her for matters of the spirit, occasionally requesting that she perform rituals, exorcisms, and blessings. She grapples currently with a message within her visions urging her to join a group of fighters in order to face an oncoming evil, something she believes her premonitions are pushing her closer and closer towards.

Melodramatic Hook
Zhaohui’s visions have been driving her to face a force of evil whose face she has not been able to clearly see. Lately her meditations have lead her to decipher that she must join forces with a group of ragtag heroes. Her time to enter the fray has come and she must only wait for the right moment to arise.

Zhaohui Soo

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